The College of Pharmacy at Tikrit University launched a medical and drug consulting service on its official website and on its pages on social media and for all citizens. The Assistant Professor Dr. Jawad Ali Saleh , Dean of the College of Pharmacy made it clear saying: "given the difficult conditions experienced by our beloved country Iraq and as a result of the repercussions of Corona virus disease and the resulting curfew, College of Pharmacy at the University of Tikrit launched medical consulting and pharmaceutical service on its official sites and its affiliated social networking"

The Dean explained, "dear citizens can send their questions and inquiries in the medical and pharmaceutical fields or communicate through proven phone numbers to be answered by a group of competent doctors and pharmacists and those with experience and known in the medical field , indicating that these consultations will continue after the end of this crisis as a part of the college's contribution to increasing health and drug education for the community".

Doctors to consult:

1-Dr.. Jawad Ali Saleh, Internal & Pectoral Consultant – cell phone. (07701722569))

2- Dr.. Rahim Shenawa internal and cardiological consultant - (07701737850)

3-Dr.. Enas Abdul Majeed Rashid Gynecological Consultant cell phone (07703050706)

Pharmacists to consult :

4-Pharmacist Hassan Adnan H. (07709299281)

5-The pharmacist Adnan Mustafa Ismail H. (07735904362))

6-Pharmacist Youssef Kamal H. (07702321515 )

Note: For your inquiries, please call from 4 pm to 10 pm