Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Jihad Dhiyab Mahal, President of Tikrit University, and supervised by the Dean of the College of Physical Education and Sports Science Prof. Dr. Ibtisam Haider Paktash , an e- workshop was held through the program ( WebMetink ) entitled (The effect of Corona virus on Tikrit University students and ways of prevention) . The workshop committee consisted of both the head of the Department of contagion diseases, Dr. Abbas Ali and Prof. Dr. Sarmad Ahmed Musa and Lect. Dr. Hossam Abdel Mohi and Dr. Ahlam Omar Wuhayeb. The workshop aimed to know how to avoid infection with the newly emerged Coronavirus around the whole world, how to prevent it, the symptoms that result from it, and the work necessary to limit its spread and the daily preventive methods related to cleanliness of the person and his surroundings.

In another focus, the lecturers showed the importance of medical culture among students of Tikrit University and adequate knowledge of this epidemic, which reflects on their family culture, and thus the medical community culture.

The e-workshop was followed up and some of the frequently asked questions were shared by a large number of attendees, students and professors .

Prof. Hassan Hussein and the Dean of the College, Dr. Ibtisam Haider Paktash, who appreciated the efforts made by the lecturers, wished to participate in the workshop , wishing them more success and productivity.