Under the direct supervision of Professor Dr. Jihad Dhiab Mahal, President of Tikrit University, the College of Science has started producing three types of high-concentration antiseptics and detergents according to WHO specifications and safe for human health .

The President of the University stressed that "the university is mobilized with all its efforts to represent the slogan (the university at the service of society) in a practical and effective manner, especially in these difficult circumstances.

Where Mr. Fouad Nihad Abd produced three types of disinfectants and was sponsored by the Dean of the College of Science Dr. Muhammad Rashid Aboud and Head of the Department of Chemistry Dr. Fayez Mohsen Hamid

The researcher Fouad Nihad Abd indicated that a 70% concentration of alcohol was produced and antiseptic produced F.A.S. It is used indoors with 20% concentration and antiseptic production F.A.S. It is used outside the house with a concentration of 0.7%. where 720 liters of disinfectants were produced to support the needy and displaced families and to support the health sector as well as the security forces.