Under the auspices of Professor Dr. Jihad Dhiab Mahal, President of Tikrit University and fully funded by the University Presidency, a joint team of College of pharmacy and a group of pharmacists from Tikrit and the Tikrit University Press Division produced the medical protective mask to combat the Corona pandemic according to international specifications. Mr. President has confirmed his non - limited support for such initiatives that enhance the university 's role in supporting all sectors of the state in such crises .

The Vice- President of the university for scientific affairs, Prof. Dr. Jawdat Kadhim Abbas, stated that "the two professors at the College of Pharmacy, namely Assist. Lect. Shathal Khalaf Noman and Assist. Lect. Adnan Mustafa Ismail, designed the first model and tested it, and then the production line was established at the university press after it was tested, training the printing press staff on the production steps with a production capacity estimated of (3000) pieces per day. Vice- President of the University confirmed that the product will be distributed free of charge to medical cadres (first line of defence) in health institutions and members of the security forces to reduce their exposure to the risk of infection and injury being in direct contact with the injured"

The scientific assistant assured that " the distribution plan will include all the provinces of Iraq, especially the regions that witness high cases of infection such as Najaf, Basra and Baghdad, indicating that the specialists in the university observe the international standards in product quality and the market need for it in light of these difficult circumstances.”

The two officials in charge of the production line confirmed each of Assist. Lect. Shathal Khalaf Noman. Assist. Lect. Adnan Mustafa Ismail that all the raw material involved in this product line has been manufactured in 100% Iraqi labs. The design and engineering work templates of this product were done in the workshop of   CNC in Salah-ul-Deen Governorate (Tikrit) with young Iraqi hands, stressing that youthful energies in this field should be the focus of attention and appreciation of all officials.

The director of the University Press Division, Iyad Adel Khalaf Sharar, added : "The staff of the university press carried out a workshop to collect raw materials for the protective medical mask to combat the Corona pandemic and printing the stickers in the building of Tikrit University Press. The workshop was divided into six stages. The first stage is to install the frame on the mask. The second is to put on the adhesive tape. The third is to mask it. The fourth is to put on the rubber belt. The fifth is the installation of the sticker, and the sixth is cleaning and packaging. "

It is worth mentioning that Tikrit University has held many educational and awareness-raising workshops and seminars in the field of fighting the Corona pandemic , with direct guidance and support from Professor Dr. Jihad Dhiab, the university’s president and member of the Crisis Cell in the governorate.