With the active participation of researchers from Tikrit University, the launch of the activities of the Sixth International Scientific Forum via the Internet under the slogan "complementarity and scientific development in research institutions". The forum includes a wide range of international conferences with multiple axes, as well as a number of lectures, courses, and workshops distributed over four days . The distinguished research will be published after the end of the activities of the forum in scientific journals classified in Scopes , and some in the magazines of the refereed international platform ARID.

More than 15 scientific researchers from Tikrit University participate in the forum's research, course management and workshops, and many of them conduct research discussion sessions such as Professor Dr. Saad Al - Mashhadani as President of the First International Conference on Media and a member of the Advisory and Preparatory Committee, in addition to many names participating in distinguished research from Tikrit University, including Doctor Nidal Al-Azzawi, Dr. Tariq Al-Dulaimi, Dr. Taha Al-Douri and many professors and researchers .

The forum will be held electronically this year in three countries at the same time: Malaysia, Iraq and Algeria, with the participation of researchers from more than 20 Arab and regional Arabic-speaking universities. Forum sessions and research posts will be addressed via the Internet, and the number of workshops reached 10 workshops held in private rooms , with the participation of (900) participants, researchers, scientists and experts from the platform members ARID the forum targets them .