With the unrelenting efforts of Professor Dr. Jihad Dhiab, the president of Tikrit University, and a high degree of responsibility from him towards the segment of daily employees and their accomplishments and service during the period of their work, and because of his belief in their right to this honor and what this extraordinary shift can constitute in terms of enhancing their capabilities in the service of the university and the consequent attainment of the standard of living for that segment, the exceptional efforts of the President of the University culminated in keeping pace with administrative and legal procedures in order to fulfill his promise that he had made to them, that segment whose hopes had been suspended by his promise is today reaping the fruits of its dream and long patience , to achieve a promise after a long wait for more than 1000 contractors with a daily wage at Tikrit University. It was the last episode in the waiting series that lasted for some contractors for several years, as the university president, Professor Dr. Jihad Dhiyab signed the university order to transform the daily wages into ministerial contracts, in implementation of the ministerial orders that he ordered with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Qusay Al-Suhail, to implement it. Congratulations to those who won their patience with victory, and congratulations to the young people whose feet took the first step towards building their prosperous future, God willing, to serve their country Iraq.