Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Jawdat Kadhim Abbas, Vice- President of the University for Scientific Affairs, the Special Committee to develop the website of Tikrit University in the English language held its first meeting through the application Cisco Webex Meetings. This is due to the current circumstance of the Corona pandemic and the curfew .

Assistant Professor Dr. Thamer Khalil Ibrahim, head of the committee, stressed the importance of expediting the completion of the tasks entrusted to the members of the committee in order to raise them on the official website of the university as well as international universities, while ensuring the quality of content and professionalism in directing and keeping pace with technical developments in the world of websites and their hyperlinks. .

On the subject of translation, Professor Dr. Omar Ahmed Shihab, a professor of translation at the College of Arts, Tikrit University, stressed the necessity of expanding the scope of work for the largest possible number of university professors and specialists to be involved in order to be a suitable work in the name of Tikrit University .

The meeting was concluded by the scientific assistant professor Dr. Jawdat Kadhim Abbas, indicating the importance of accessing international experiences to benefit from them and expedite the treatment of the gaps in the university’s website, especially with regard to the site in the English language, directing his thanks and appreciation to all members, stressing at the same time the need to work in the spirit of one team in order to advance the reality of the university and maintain the results achieved in recent times .

It is worth mentioning that Tikrit University has completed registration requirements within the important international classifications, including the Times classification and RuR classification, which is considered one of the most important internationally recognized rankings in the evaluation of universities.