In the College of Arts, University of Tikrit, issue No. (41) of Aadab Al-Farahidi, the Scientific Refereed Journal, Section Two, and includes (26) scientific researches and studies in various humanities..

Prof. Dr. Saad Salman Abdullah, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, stated, "This issue contained important scientific topics in various arts and human thought, and among the six sections of the magazine, the first section deals with: researches and studies of Arabic language and literature, which included (7) researches. The second section of this issue dealt with: researches and historical and archaeological studies, which included (6) researches".

"And the third section of the magazine dealt with applied researches and geography studies, which included (3) researches. The fourth section dealt with media and political studies which included two researches. As for the fifth section of this issue, it dealt with social and intellectual studies and researches, and it included (5) researches. The sixth and last section of the magazine: studies in translation and its arts to include (3) researches. Salman went on to say that he hopes this publication will be a new addition and an important contribution to the pioneering scientific record of the College of Arts, especially in light of these difficult conditions experienced by the whole world..