In line with the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the guidance of the presidency of Tikrit University to facilitate the requirements of e-learning for students and professors through real practice, the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at Tikrit University issued an instruction manual explaining the programs and tools used in e-learning and the most prominent obstacles facing the parties to the electronic educational process and appropriate solutions for them.

The Dean of the college, Mazal Hamad Thawi, stated that "the guide provides a detailed explanation of the most prominent electronic learning tools used in the university, (Google classroom). It is the most popular educational program in the Google Drive because it contains classifications that contain degrees, assignments, lectures, archiving and other interactive electronic lesson supplies, and (Google hangout meet). It is a high-quality video communication program with a wide capacity to accommodate subscribers of up to 250 students and programs (Google form) to manage data collection and classification, such as e-mail for students, creation of tests, lecture recording programs, WhatsApp program, electronic schedule, the presence of the student and the professor in the electronic lecture, and ways to ensure that educational content reaches the student".

For his part, Assistant Professor Harith Abdullah Hussein, Head of the Computer Science Department, added that the guide shows the experience of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics in e-learning, which has become a reality after the Corona pandemic, where the guide details the policy that was followed for the success of the experiment, from choosing the educational platform to the rest of the requirements and tools that the process needs for the success of the experiment and the delivery of scientific material to the student in the most appropriate way taking into account the determinants of infrastructure.

It is worth mentioning that e-learning started in the Department of Computer Science on 3/18 of this year .