Under sponsorship of Prof. Dr. Adel Fawzi Shihab, the Chancellor, and supervision of Prof. Dr. Awatif Saber Jassim, Dean of College of Sciences, a discussion was performed on the scientific results of the mission of Dr. Fatima Shihab Ahmed al-Nasiri to the Natural History Museum in Geneva.

The discussion began with reviewing the results of Dr. al-Nasiri’s scientific visit which included cooperative researches complementing a previous study with a Spanish university to diagnose a new kind of parasites in fish and recording the discovery for Iraq. She said "we in cooperation with the Museum of natural history in Geneva managed to diagnose and describe the first type of parasites. The differences between the type registered in Turkey and the new type found in Iraq were established”. She added that the study of phenotypic characteristics of parasite led to a new discovery added to our previous discovery. It is worth mentioning that the discovery of this parasite is the second discovery for Dr. Fatimah al-Nasiri, which was recorded for Iraq as a type discovered only in Iraq.