In the presence of a staff from directorate of the administration and training of police dogs and Assist. Prof. Dr. Hassan Hussein Ibrahim, Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs, and Assist. Prof. Dr. Bashar Sadiq Nomi, Dean of the college, in the Veterinary Counselling Office a surgery was conducted for a female K9 dog (German Shepherd). The case was examined clinically and it was found that there is a tumor in the left ear largely extends to the inner ear. The animal has been prepared for surgery to remove the tumor precisely using electrocautery technology for the first time in order to prevent the return of the tumor again. A sample of tumor was sent to tissue sectioning laboratory to determine its type. The operation has been performed by a specialized staff in veterinary surgery including Dr. Muntaser Mohammed Hilal, Dr. Ali Ghazi Attia from branch of medicine and surgery and Dr. Thamer Gadou’a Shihab.