Minister of higher education and scientific research, Dr. Qusay al-Suhail met the administrative body of students sports club. During his meeting with sports delegation, al-Suhail emphasized that the Ministry is open for the club and it would be supportive for the team by providing supplies and financial dues to the Administrative Board and players. He has blessed the last procedure taken by the administration to hiring a training staff of academic and training experts, hoping that students club will regain its position as one of the important Iraqi football clubs and one of the most prominent local clubs.

Vice-Chairman of the club's administrative board, Mohammed al-Hashimi said that "Minister of higher education Dr. Qusay will be supportive for the Club, nominating Minister of education as Honorary Chairman of the Club in appreciation for his support for sport in general and students club in particular.

The administrative body blessed al-Suhail for being the Minister of higher education and scientific research and being the Honorary Chairman of the club for his sporting interest that will be reflected positively on the team.