Monitoring section/ civil defense department in Tikrit University presented a course on civil defense sponsored by Prof. Dr. Adel Fawzi Shihab, the Chancellor. The course, which was presented in cooperation with the Directorate of civil defense in Salahuddin province and participated by campus students and supervisors, included lectures on the field work including the theory of ignition and firefighting, types of fire, materials used in firefighting, how to use fire extinguishers, and precautionary measures taken to prevent fire as stated by Mr. Wisam Saleh al-Mijlad responsible for civil defense department. He indicated that this course is within the University plan to raise campus students’ awareness on civil defense in cooperation with civil defense Directorate which contributed to the course through presenting lectures on this field by major Layth Saad Medhat. He simultaneously indicated that the University implements all safety procedures in its buildings in accordance with international standards for public safety.