Within its ongoing participations in activities and scientific conferences as these participations reflect a positive role in serving the scientific approach followed by Tikrit University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Khalaf Hussein Dikhayl, director of legal research and Studies Unit in college of law, as representative of Tikrit University, participated in the 14th International Scientific Conference of the Faculty of economic, commercial and Management Sciences at Hassiba Benbouali University of Shalff in Algeria, which has been held for the period of 27-28/11/2018 under the title “The Behavior of Citizenship and Social Responsibility of Business Organizations in the Arab World”. Dikhayl has presented a distinguished research entitled (Philanthropy and Social Responsibility in Sharia and Law). This research discussed aspects that received a great interest and positive interaction among participants in the Conference through interventions and questions. Many researchers have participated in this Conference with more than 125 scientific research with the participation of various Arabic countries including Iraq, Egypt, Sudan and Palestine in addition to Algeria.