Under sponsorship of Prof. Dr Adel Fawzi Shihab, the President, research center of natural resources in collaboration with the directorate of Salahuddin environment held a scientific symposium under the slogan “water pollution: problems and solutions”. The symposium included four main sections. The first one was on the project of water of (al-Hayat) life, and the basics of water pollution in addition to a summary about liquid wastes that contaminate the environment and its resources and their risks to environment and their processing methods; while the fourth section was on the role of environmental education in improving the environment.
The seminar, which was held at the Hall of late Dr. Muhanad Maher in the presence of Prof. Dr. Sabah Faihan, Vice-President for Administrative Affairs, aimed at discussing ways that would put the necessary and appropriate solutions to address water crisis and means of developing and caring for water resources; as well as presenting an overview on the causes of pollutant and ways of their treatment and sensitizing people and directing them towards attention to drinking water. Dr. Sabbar Abdullah Saleh has managed the seminar as a chairman, Dr. Iyad Abdullah Khalaf as a rapporteur and instructor Muhanad Issa Khidher as a member.