Under sponsorship of Prof. Dr. Adel Fawzi Shihab, the President, and supervision of Prof. Dr. Jassim Abbas Ali, Dean of College of physical education and Sports Science, and Dr. Moammar Muhsin Abdul Ghani, Director of Tikrit primary health care center, a seminar entitled (Antibiotics and their Resistance) was held at college of physical education and sports science in cooperation with of Salahuddin health Department, Tikrit branch, University Health Centre sector. Prof. Dr. Hassan Hussein Ibrahim, Vice-President for Scientific Affairs, attended the seminar which included three sections. The first section was on defining the antibiotics and history of discovering them. The second section described antibiotic resistance and their natural and industrial types. Finally, the third section addressed health education against antibiotics and the role of University students in promoting health knowledge to antibiotics. This seminar aims at public health awareness to antibiotics, how to use them, to know the reasons of their resistance and also know the role of community and university students in promoting health awareness.