Within its broad participation in the international conferences and in response to the invitation of the Gulf University in Bahrain, a delegation of professors from Tikrit University including Dr. Wamidh Faris Saab, College of Islamic sciences, Dr. Ahmed Manaf, College of Education for Humanities, and Dr. Haitham Faisal Ali and Dr. Sarmad Jassim Mohammed, College of Arts, participated in the first International Conference under the slogan “media and Gulf challenges”, sponsored by Mr. Ali Al-Rumihi, Minister of Media Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Conference was held from 30-31/10/2018 and included several sections, represented primarily by the contribution to solving problems and providing solutions to face challenges experienced by Arab Gulf region currently in accordance with informational and religious vision. Researches of Tikrit University professors participating in the Conference were presented at the Grand Hall. These researches have had a distinctive contribution in the Conference and received a number of interventions and positive discussions contributed significantly to the Conference. It is noteworthy that this Conference is held with the participation of 48 researchers from the Arab world with seven sessions followed by open discussions of viewpoints, visions and thoughts related to scientific research in the Conference