A discussion on “the PUBG electronic games and their impact on personality demolition” has been held at College of education for Humanities in Tikrit University, sponsored by Prof. Dr. Adel Fawzi Shihab, the President, and supervised by Assist. Prof. Dr Ali M. Sabaa, the Dean. The discussion consisted of four sections. The first section was presented by Prof. Dr. Nidhal Muzahim Rashid on a brief background on the innovation of electronic games and their relation to cultural invasion and the programmed targeting of Arab and Islamic society, indicating that those States that produce these games have entirely different cultures from ours, as well as that these production companies are related to suspicious authorities that have hidden targets to destroy our communities. While the researcher Atera Zakaria Mohammed reviewed this game concerning its impact on Iraqi and Arab youth by making them a fertile ground for growing violence which has been already suffered by them.  Then, in the third section, Prof. Dr. Tariq Hashim Khamis dealt with the serious psychological, social and physical injuries caused by this game. Finally, the researcher Walid Faiq Marai presented the fourth section on the solutions and ways of reducing the phenomenon of games addiction and raising awareness about the positive use of the Internet.

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