Based on acceptance of researches presented by students of Tikrit University to Arab Council for training and students' creativity in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a number of students from colleges of sciences, engineering and political sciences participated with their scientific research at the Conference. College of political sciences participated with a research supervised by Prof. Dr. Mortadha Ahmed al-Qaisi and presented by the student Barzan Jalal Hameed Yasin, entitled “The role of social media in changing University youth trends towards immigration: Tikrit University as a model”. Concerning college of engineering, it participated with a research entitled “Improving the performance of multiphase evaporative cooling system), supervised by Prof. Dr. Fayadh Mohammed Al-Dulaimi and presented by student Mohammed Saleh Jumaa. College of sciences presented a research on “Studying the effect of laser on the DNA molecules using pcr-rapd technology “, supervised by Prof. Dr. Awatif Saber Jassim and presented by Nagham Adnan Jabbar Jassim.  It is noteworthy that the Creative Student Conference on the scientific research sponsored by the Arab Council for student’s training and creativity is held this year under the sponsorships of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Zeitouna University.

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