Under the direct supervision of the President of Tikrit University Prof. Dr. Waad Mahmood Raoof, TU Colleges organized dozens of students’ activities in the volunteer working day which was attended by students and teachers side by side to show the university warmest and pompous view.

Activities took place in 18 colleges and included planting trees and flowers in the gardens and patios, dye sidewalks, colouring streets with bright colours, as well as drawing dozens of publications advertising awareness regarding anti-smoking, disadvantages of drug, and banners for peaceful coexistence and reject extremism and fanaticism and the other for keeping the university clean.

The groups of university students decorated the squares by paintings traditional scenes that reflect the heritage of the province through the activities of the free drawing. On the other hand, students of the Medicine College has their campaign to check and educate and guide the students and university staff about the symptoms and the nature of diabetes and provide medical advice to patients. Also, students of the College of Agriculture perpetuating gardens, coordination and erected a number of wooden benches manufactured at the university in the gardens of colleges.

Among the participants in the campaign are the Vice president for Administrative Affairs, a number of deans, and dozens of professors and students.

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