Tikrit University participated in the eighteenth creative forum represented by College of Pharmacy and Engineering, which was organized by the Arab Council for the Training of the Federation of Arab Universities, which was held at the University of South Valley, Arab Republic of Egypt to train the students of Arab universities.

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Tikrit University participated in this event by presenting two distinct papers for its students. The first research entitled (the impact of fenugreek, ginger, sugar level and blood pressure in people with diabetes compared to healthy persons). The students who participated in this research are (Abdel Rahim Amer Aboud, Zainab Mohammed Fahad, and Jinan Hamid Ahmed) from College of Pharmacy. This research is considered an outstanding one in the field of therapeutics and promising drug for diabetes. It has been discussed in the forum under the theme of scientific research in the applied sciences. The second research entitled (designing and manufacturing and testing a solar multilayer solar distilled works with renewable energy) for (Yosif Hashim Hussein ) from College of Engineering, which was discussed in the forum under the theme of technological innovation.
The two researches mentioned have won the first place among all the Iraqi universities, and in an advance sequence within the Arab universities that participate in the forum. The students honored with certificates of appreciation, a medal of the event, and financial reward.

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