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Tikrit University is known as the University of all Iraqis because students from all Iraqis provinces are studying in it.
It has developed at a rapid pace after the establishment of its first colleges, College of Education for Women and College of Medicine. Today it has twenty-two colleges and eight centres for research and a number of consulting offices that serve the community. Every year, the university establishes new colleges, centers and laboratories. In addition to that, University of Samarra has split from Tikrit University.

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The university has sought since its establishment to apply quality standards and it reached advanced positions in the local and international classification, where the university awarded each year hundreds of students’ bachelor's degrees in various fields of science, literature and the arts as well as for postgraduate studies of (Masters and PhD).

As a vitality university, Tikrit University was able to complete the academic year (2015) successfully in displacement and austerity conditions, and its leaders were able to reunion its students and teaching staff to establish an alternative place in Kirkuk with the help of the University of Kirkuk and the encouragement of the ministry. The University was able to complete the school year with success, and was able to host large numbers of students from Mosul Universities, Nineveh, Tal Afar and Anbar universities.
In Tikrit University, there are competencies and teaching staff with high degrees of efficiency that the university is proud of them and they are proud of their university.
Tikrit University, looks forward to a promising future under the banner of Iraq in a country full of peace and harmony among his sons.

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