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The city of Tikrit is an Iraqi city and the centre of Salahadin Province. It lies on the right side of Tigris river (180KM) north of Baghdad on the eastern side to the Plateau Arabian Peninsula and on the road that links between the capital Baghdad and Mosul north of Iraq.

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The city of Tikrit is an old city. Its history goes back to the sixth century before Christ. Its name is mentioned in the Akkadian panels under the name of the fortress. They said it was a Romanian city known as Tigris castle. Also, its name is derived from Tichreat the Syriac. 

Scientists, scholars, leaders and thinkers appeare and among them the Judge Abu Zakaria Al-Tikrity, the philosopher Yahya Ibn Adi Al-Tikrity, and Salah ad-Din Al-Ayyubi- the commander and liberator of Jerusalem- and others.
In addition to that, Tikrit was famous in several economic activities like trading, agriculture, and public jobs. Tikrit University is the most prominent cultural monuments.